C++Builder 2009 Enterprise ESD

C++Builder 2009 Enterprise ESD

Electronic Software DownloadC++Builder 2009 Enterprise gives software developers the best of both worlds – the power of the C and C++ languages and libraries with the productivity of visual rapid application development. C++Builder Enterprise includes an advanced IDE, powerful compiler, visual designer and components for creating user interfaces, and high-performance heterogeneous server database connectivity.Enterprise Edition includes Professional Edition plus:Database server connectivity to InterBase,Blackfish SQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server,Oracle, DB2, Informix, and SybaseDataSnap multi-tier database applicationdevelopmentBlackfish SQL deployment on systems withfive users, 2GB database sizeVCL for the Web with no connection limitAdditional UML modeling capabilitiesWhat’s New in C++ Builder 2009 Give your user interfaces a fresh, updated look with new and enhanced VCL controls Build applications that handle global data with ease using new Unicode support throughout the IDE and VCL Move your code into the future with early support for upcoming C++0x language standards Build powerful, efficient and secure database applications by separating data and business logic with new DataSnap Get new insight into your database structures with data modeling and visualization in the all new C++Builder Architect edition

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