Advance Wellness Research

Advanced Wellness Research
Advanced Wellness Research Inc
Advance Wellness Research
Advance Wellness Research Inc

Advanced Wellness Research offers a selection of wellness and personal care products that contribute to a healthier, longer, more productive life. We carefully screen products and product categories to meet the high standards required by us. We believe firmly in only bringing to market those products that meet our high standards. We like to say that we wont offer our customers a product that we wouldn't encourage our families to use.

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WEBFORMAT TYPO3 shop system extension updated with multi-language support

CMS TYPO3 reveals to be a usable and functional open source
software for online shop management. Editing even the wider
products catalogue is now easier and quick thanks to the
Multilanguage support.

One of the most important features of e-business is the
opportunity to reach world markets and most of the times B2B or
B2C websites need to translate the whole site in different
languages. This is sometimes a long time process absorbing
company’s resources and delaying ROIs.

Webformat advanced shop system extension has just been updated
with a multilanguage support. No more long and tedious
copy&paste&translate sessions of each content element in
duplicated page trees. With the Multilanguage support, Webformat
advanced shop system extension offers a turnkey versioning into
a different language. At last, editors have only to take care of
text translations.

Simply by activating the localization function, a new page, with
exactly the same content elements, is generated automatically in
the same content and ready to be translated. Highlighted
original language text helps not to miss the thread of
translation and improves visibility options for the translator.
Backend products descriptions, prices and other detailed
information can be customised according to different price
policies, products range and target markets outline.

Another improvement the WEBFORMAT srl developer Mauro Lorenzutti
has added to the shop extension, is the possibility to modify
shop setup using the constant editor, thus avoiding the browsing
of all the TYPOSCRIPT.


- list and table products visualization mode: in the frontend
the products can be displayed in the list mode, like in Kasper’s
shop system, and only changing a parameter in TypoScript
products will be displayed in a new table list. – Products
options: a new show modality that brings all the offer products
of a selected branch in the page tree is available. Further,
it’s possible to set two products options (usually size and
color) and a list of correlated products. – Products Page title
and static URL: in the product detail page, the product name or
a different special title can be shown. – Orders management: for
any new order, the extension creates a new page with the order
data in a content element ( so items bought and customer
personal info can be viewed) and in two tables (orders and
rows). This allows the shop administrator to modify the orders
data. – Invoice management: an extra backend extension for the
invoice management has been introduced. For any order a pdf
invoice is generated including also the invoice template. – User
registration: for any new customer, the plugin creates a new
entry in the “tt_address” table with a username and a password
directly sent to the user by e-mail. – On-line payment by credit
card and Pay Pal gateways.

The most striking feature is the possibility to export all the
products database in order to implement the product catalogue in
sub-sites or affiliated sites.


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[by Antonella Mizzaro, 01/09/2005]

Antonella Mizzaro

Illustrative Visualization and Exploration of MR/fMRI Data

Full Title: Illustrative Hybrid Visualization and Exploration of
Anatomical and Functional Brain Data

Common practice in brain research and brain surgery involves the multi-modal acquisition of brain anatomy and brain activation data. These highly complex three-dimensional data have to be displayed simultaneously in order to convey spatial relationships. Unique challenges in information and interaction design have to be solved in order to keep the visualization sufficiently complete and uncluttered at the same time. The visualization method presented in this paper addresses these issues by using a hybrid combination of polygonal rendering of brain structures and direct volume rendering of activation data. Advanced rendering techniques including illustrative display styles and ambient occlusion calculations enhance the clarity of the visual output. The presented rendering pipeline produces real-time frame rates and offers a high degree of configurability. Newly designed interaction and measurement tools are provided, which enable the user to explore the data at large, but also to inspect specific features closely. We demonstrate the system in the context of a cognitive neurosciences dataset. An initial informal evaluation shows that our visualization method is deemed useful for clinical research.

Link to thesis:

Link to publication:

W. Jainek and S. Born and D. Bartz and W. Straßer and J. Fischer, Illustrative Hybrid Visualization and Exploration of Anatomical and Functional Brain Data, Computer Graphics Forum (Special Issue on Eurographics Symposium on Visualization), September 2008 (Vol. 27, Issue 3)

Duration : 0:2:48

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