HP StorageWorks Data Vault Windows Home Server

The HP StorageWorks X510 Q2051A Data Vault Windows Home Server gives a small business the archival space it needs to run its operations properly. This device is designed to provide both ample storage space and a user-friendly interface enabling your company to achieve high productivity rates. The HP StorageWorks Data Vault includes an Intel Pentium E5200 2.5GHz processor, Microsoft Windows Home Server, 2GB of DDR2 memory and 2 1TB SATA hard drives. Through Microsoft Windows Home Server the data vault can be accessed remotely and has an automated backup process for up to 10 PC or Mac clients. In addition, the HP StorageWorks X510 Q2051A Data Vault Windows Home Server can manage your important data through its integrated repository for your digital files.

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Website Backup and Web Data Storage – Save Your Virtual Life

http://www.MozyVideo.com Curious about website backup? Keeping your digital existence in tact is crucial. Keep your data in a safe place! Viruses know no boundaries- Protect your information and documents easily with Mozys secure online file backup. Once your settings are in place at MozyVideo.com, you can be sure that your documents are secure- even the ones in progress! Home users can start for FREE with 2 Gigabytes- Sign up for web data storage at MozyVideo.com today!

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