Help with cartographic visualization (mapping the internet)?

I am working on an assignment and we are suppose to research cartographic visualization. I am having trouble finding information about it online and I have a newborn so I am unable to go to the library. If you know anything about this topic or could give me a link to a website that would be great. Here are the questions I have to answer:
What purpose does cartographic visualization serve?
Why do you think it is a burgeoning field of practice for geographers and cartographers?
Do you think there are companies that provide data visualization services?
What specific kinds of services do you think these companies can provide?
What profit could come from mapping the internet?
I love their visualization of the internet:

Your questions:
Cartographic visualization just help convey a message. It is important to always remember that thematic maps, just like charts can paint whatever picture their author wants them to convey. It is easy to lie convincingly with maps.

Cartography has been around for millenia. What is growing now is rapid visualization techniques powered by Geographic Information Systems software, which can analyze and render data at a push of a button, uniting geo-statistical analysis with cartography.

There are lots of companies that provide data visualization services. Just think of the election maps you saw everywhere. That is a great example of visualization of live data. Both Google and Micorsoft are playing in this market with their services (Google Earth, Google Maps, Virtual Earth and Live platforms).

On the last two…. Read some of the articles here:
Sorry I gave you a vendor website, but it should give you a good idea of what exists out there. There are lots of others beside ESRI.

Interaction Design + Data Visualization Demo Reel by Flux

This is a personal demo reel of Michael “Flux” Chang featuring works with various clients including:

+ Motion Theory
+ Protohaus
+ Yahoo! Design Innovation Team

Works shown are produced with Processing

Michael’s Blog/Site:

Duration : 0:5:33

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