Righteous Intent

Righteous Intent

In the year 2047, Mitchell Hughes, a visually impaired divorced schoolteacher with two young children, is on trial for murder. The only eyewitness to the murder is a poly-gig micro-tronic computer chip implanted deep within the brain of every United States citizen. This computerized chip implant is known as the DuoDrite. The DuoDrite chip implant is engineered as the first transmitter and receiver for communications and entertainment, replacing personal computers, global positioning systems, cellular telephones, and home entertainment devices. The DuoDrite technology is the sole interface to the Internet and is simply accessed by thought and visualization in the mind’s eye. Since the DuoDrite chip implant’s first conception in 2015, government agencies, such as the Department of Homeland Security, discovered its uses as a measure to protect national security. The Memory Data File, or MDF, is the primary tool used by law enforcement. Once a crime is committed, the DuoDrite chip immediately transfers the MDF of the crime to the appropriate law enforcement agency. Mitchell Hughes is accused by his very own MDF of a capital crime. It is up to Mitchell’s defense attorney, Claire Evans, a woman secretly in love with her client, to save him from the clutches of a diabolical conspiracy. Mitchell Hughes discovers that he is cursed with a defect in his DuoDrite chip implant. Will Mitchell be able to overcome the defect and use the technology that he has denounced for his own preservation?

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