Google I/O 2009 – Implement Your Own Visualization Datasource

Google I/O 2009 – Implementing Your Own Visualization Datasource

Itai Raz, Nir Bar-Lev, Jesse Lorenz

— Contents —
0:05 – Agenda
1:00 – What is Google Visualization API?
9:30 – Remote Data Source
14:32 – The Java Open Source Data Source library
17:04 – Java Data Source Demo
31:48 – Data Source implementation
43:20 – Q&A
— End —

This session will focus on building a server-side data source compatible with the Visualization API. It will cover the following topics: Using available Libraries for generic data sources, writing a datasource, and datasources on AppEngine.

For presentation slides and all I/O sessions, please go to:

Duration : 0:51:57

[youtube guhdYoPY3kM]

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    19 thoughts on “Google I/O 2009 – Implement Your Own Visualization Datasource
    1. Thank you for how …
      Thank you for how to implement your own visualization datasource. This video is very useful.

    2. How do you …
      How do you implement a search bar in your website with a drop down menu with categories such as shop, forums etc so that the search requests keywords that are categorised under shop or forums etc from the data source?

      Like deviant art (dot) com has on their website?

      Thanks alot for your help.

    3. go up to your URL …
      go up to your URL bar, put a Q between the words you and tube and then press enter or click go

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      Love It! Mad about this album, every song is perfect.. Just downloaded this album for free at DownloadMusic[DOTTT]im , ..

    5. Just ridiculous how …
      Just ridiculous how cool this stuff is… hope I get the chance to play around with this stuff

    6. I wanna know how to …
      I wanna know how to upload video’s longer than 10 mins. How on earth do they do it?

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