New animation lets you fly through a supernova remnant

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This stunning visualisation of Cassiopeia A, the result of an explosion approximately 330 years ago, uses X-ray data from Chandra, infrared data from Spitzer and pre-existing optical data from NOAO’s 4-m telescope at Kitt Peak and the Michigan-Dartmouth-MIT 2.4-m telescope. The neutron star left over from the stellar blast is an artist’s illustration (Courtesy NASA/CXC/D Berry; Model: NASA/CXC/MIT/T Delaney et al.)

Duration : 0:0:53

[youtube x140OWe9Yxc]

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25 thoughts on “New animation lets you fly through a supernova remnant
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    3 Undeniable Facts:
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  9. The scale of the …
    The scale of the white dwarf shoud be much smaller(10 miles diameter) compared to the supernova nebula(in order of millions of miles)

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    give …

    give me proof and i will beleive

    Science is here…well guess what i beleive in
    a bible is not good enough.

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