Science on a Sphere: Plate Tectonics and Paleo Animation

Science On a Sphere® is a large visualization system that uses computers and video projectors to display animated data onto the outside of a sphere. Said another way, SOS is an animated globe that can show dynamic, animated images of the atmosphere, oceans, and land of a planet. NOAA primarily uses SOS as an education and outreach tool to describe the environmental processes of Earth.

This video shows a short piece of Earth’s tectonic evolution.

To download this video and more from Science on a Sphere, go here:

Duration : 0:0:30

[youtube ft-dP2D7QM4]

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25 thoughts on “Science on a Sphere: Plate Tectonics and Paleo Animation
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  3. neal adams is a …
    neal adams is a total fool he doesnt even think his stupid arguements thru let alone check facts.

    Cliams dinsaurs died out because they couldnt migrate from europe to africa, so they froze to death.
    Ignoring the facts
    1) Dinosaurs where warm blooded
    2) The majority of the dinosaurs didnt migrate from europe to africa
    3) Didnt explain why the cold blooded reptiles didnt die out.

    When I pointed out his failures
    He deleted my comments and blocked me

  4. @420bmxer
    I think …

    I think you mean sense and magically replicating particles out of nothing to grow the earth doesn’t.

  5. @JamesThWilliams so …
    @JamesThWilliams so what if the planet did grow, what then?

    why are you so againt this idea, isn’t science about explore all aspects of life and not just one side, this just shows how close minded you are….

    if you believe in just Pangaea and you refuse to believe in anything else then you are close minded.

    Expanding earth thory just make more since….

  6. @420bmxer One more …
    @420bmxer One more thing could you read your group of random words over again and rewrite them in an ordered form.

  7. @420bmxer
    Not you …

    Not you again you idiot, E=mc^2 shows that matter and energy are interchangeable. The big bang only requires energy to exist to produce matter once the first protons and electrons come into existance the first atom automatically forms Hydrogen. Once enough hydrogen is present stars form and from stars more complex elements form in the massive nuclear furnace. I realize this is far beyond your level of understanding even though what I have stated is greatly dumbed down.

  8. @JamesThWilliams …
    @JamesThWilliams you realize something right, that you when there so there’s no need to drop a time line, to bad your brain is to small to complainant that Planets also grow,
    but oh, wait a minute you start bringing up that fact and all your theories can be throw out the windows,(about 100 years of science.) YOU STUPID like your incomplete science
    if your so smart where did the atoms come from to create a big bang? YOU DON’T KNOW, LIKE YOU INCOMPLETE SCIENCE!
    all your science is, is theory!

  9. @Bulldozar1 …
    @Bulldozar1 Bulldozar1 don’t worry about using the correct terms. I feel you. Let me ask you a question? Does man know every thing ? Can man explain gravity to its lowest denominator. Does he know the workings of the universe and the laws that govern it?? Or are we just beginning to learn this things.

  10. @davidgran1967 The …
    @davidgran1967 The law of conservation of energy – energy can neither be created or destroyed. So hows it expanding. More coming out of nowhere? . the other way is everything under the crust decided to spread out more. (i know i’m not using the correct terms but w/e). the earths crust would probably crack, a whole lot, in a lot of different places.

  11. @BestFiction00 …
    @BestFiction00 Predicated on false reasoning and outdated concepts disregarding the truth for a false dogmas and the insatiable need to keep the status quo so are the once that argue the Pangaea theory.

  12. @davidgran1967 …
    @davidgran1967 Subduction does indeed occur. California is moving apart because an ocean is infact opening up but sea floor is also destroyed once it becomes too old and rigid. There used to be the Farallon plate that subducted. It was a rather shallow subduction and the proof is the formation of the Rocky Mountains as well as Sierra Nevada. The remaining pieces of the Farallon plate includes the modern day Juan de Fuca plate. And now, you guys may continue. Peace.

  13. @JamesThWilliams i …
    @JamesThWilliams i never said you would get it! heat from core/mantle forces away, crust is around planet, heat need to escape, everything forcing away, crust draws away from each other! not vice versa

  14. @JamesThWilliams …
    @JamesThWilliams then why does the expanding earth theory the planet fits PERFECTLY! together! all continents! minus the water!

    but at about 50% smaller! of the size of are current planet, now look this may be hard for you to realize but Pangaea, doesn’t even fit the planet together perfectly, as expanding earth theory.

    just they and prove me wrong i want you to!

  15. @davidgran1967

    Actually I’m repeating what Geologists have said you know people who devote their lives to the study and understanding of geology, not some mindless automoton like you who purports to have a greater understanding than all geologists simply because his understanding (or lack thereof) of plate techtonics is based on his personal beliefs and not observation, experimentation and demonstration.

  16. @JamesThWilliams

    The reason for this is that gravity acts at a far greater range than all other forces, ie the strong force, electromagnetic force, and the weak force. All this has been demonstrated, I don’t think you comprehend the importance that demonstration plays in determining whether something is true or not.

  17. @davidgran1967

    You called some form of energy that you don’t know what it is. Gravity is the weakest bond between objects on a molecular level, however when scaled up to the planetary scale it becomes the most powerful force.

  18. @davidgran1967
    To …

    To have an epiphany, your saying your epiphany must be true because you had it. What if the information you based your epiphany on is flawed?

  19. @JamesThWilliams …
    @JamesThWilliams Clearly you have no clue. Your incapable of grasping the concept of what it is to have an epiphany and realize that you have been sold a lie. The expanding earth theory makes more sense than you Pangaea theory will ever do. That your incapable of realizing that is no once fault but your own.

  20. @JamesThWilliams …
    @JamesThWilliams You dont know what else to say and that is because you dont know. You just repeat what another mentally deficient sheep told you. And if thats not foolish I dont know what is. As far as calling what ever is making the planet expand magic energy that is so 14 century. I wander what your explanation for gravity is. Voodoo ?

  21. @JamesThWilliams Oh …
    @JamesThWilliams Oh please, that explanation is way to scientific, tone it down Mater. Your going to hurt your self.

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