Visio Professional 2007

Visio Professional 2007

With Microsoft Visio Professional 2007, IT and business people can easily visualize, explore and communicate complex information. Complicated text and tables can be turned into Visio diagrams, which give the information at a glance. Visio diagrams are connected to their data, so it’s easy to refresh and stay up to date. Information about organizational systems, resources, and processes is easily understood and acted upon with the Visio 2007 diagrams. *Visio Professional 2007 offers advanced functionality, such as data connectivity and visualization features, that Office Visio Standard 2007 does not. Visualize Complex Information Visio 2007 can help you visualize your business, track projects and resources, chart organizations, map networks, build diagrams and optimize systems. Use templates in Visio 2007 like business process flowcharts, network diagrams, workflow diagrams, database models and software diagrams. New templates, such as the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) template and the Value Stream Mapping template help you create a broader range of diagrams. Use the Getting Started window to browse templates by category (or view recent templates) and see a large preview before you open it. New sample diagrams are found in the Getting Started window, which can spark ideas for your own creative diagrams. New AutoConnect function connects shapes, evenly distributes them, and then aligns them with just one click.Study and Explore your Information Connect diagrams to data sources like Excel and Access. New linking methods populate each shape property based on data value.New Data Graphics feature allows you to display shape data attractively. Display data fields next to a shape, in boxes below a shape or directly on top of a shape. Use Refresh Data feature in Visio 2007 to automatically refresh all the data in your diagrams as it changes. Use PivotDiagrams and create different views of the same data so you can understand the issues better. Share

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