About Dundas Data Visualization

Since 1992, Dundas has provided software components and consulting services to developers and other clients in more than 50 countries. Over the years, the company has achieved remarkable success, reflected in its numerous industry awards and by its long list of Fortune 500 customers. Learn how Dundas Chart, Gauge, Map and Calendar can enhance a variety of digital dashboard and other applications – via several industry-leading platforms.

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How To Install Panopticon EX Server Data Visualization Software (1280×1024)

This tutorial explains how to install the Server component of Panopticon EX data visualization software.

Panopticon EX data visualization software incorporates a wide range of information visualizations, including our well-known Treemaps and Heatmaps as well as Scatter Plots, Horizon Graphs, Stack Graphs and a range of other great visualizations designed for fast comprehension and interpretation. The software includes our amazing StreamCube™ OLAP data model for on-the-fly data aggregations and slicing and dicing.

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Dundas Chart Training #7 – Data Binding (Part 3 of 3)

Now that you have learned all that you need to know about styling and customizing the visual side of Dundas Chart; it’s time to learn how data comes into play. This video takes you through the most simple methods of adding data to the more complex options – an essential for anyone wishing to get into the Dundas products quickly.

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